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Tree Trimming Tips

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Tree Trimming Safety Tips

Posted - 12/21/2011
Before attempting to trim your trees, please contact your local utility company to insure the ground around the tree is safe – and note that all removal within a 10 foot radius of power lines must be done by a trained and experienced line-clearer!

Use good sense – don’t trim trees in bad weather, especially ...

How to Apply Tree Fertilizers

Posted - 11/18/2011
Spring, before the new growth has started, is the correct time to fertilize trees. There are a few different methods of applying tree fertilizers. For a young tree, the fertilizer should be placed around the base of the tree in a foot wide circle. If fertilizing older trees, the tree fertilizers should be placed along the drip l...

Palm Tree Trimming Tips

Posted - 10/27/2011
Palm tree trimming is essential to keeping your palms healthy. There are several trimming tips you can put into practice to keep your palms growing and looking great. You need to make sure you trim your palms at least one time a year. Use a ladder to climb up the palm and reach the leaves for trimming to avoid puncturing the pal...

How to Prune a Palm Tree

Posted - 10/26/2011
Generally, a palm tree will take care of itself. It will drop or shed away old fronds and grow new ones. It keeps its shape and will not grow out of control. Why then would you need to prune palm trees? There are times when the fronds could become damaged or sick. In these cases, you need to cut them away.
Pruning a palm t...

Do-It-Yourself Stump Grinding

Posted - 10/26/2011
There is nothing more unsightly in a yard than an old tree stump just taking up space and wearing away. However, it can be quite hard to get rid of this blemish. Did you know that you can grind up that stump on your own with just the right equipment? All you need are a few pointers on how to do this.
You will need a grinde...

About Tree Trimming Equipment

Posted - 10/26/2011
There are many reasons to trim the trees in your yard. Of course, this will make your property look better landscaped and more aesthetically pleasing. In addition, tree trimming is a must if the limbs are hanging over power lines or endangering the roof of your home. In these cases, you could face thousands of dollars in damage ...
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